Biography     Professor Dr. Leo van Rijn

1946 Amsterdam
1965-1968  Bachelor Civil; Technical College Amsterdam
1970-1975  Bachelor+ Master Civil; Delft University of Technology
1987           Doctoral Thesis   Mathematical modelling of morphological
                   processes in the case of suspended sediment transport
                   Delft University of Technology
1987-1994  Lecturer  Department of Physical Geography
                   University of Utrecht
1994-2011  Professor Department of Physical Geography
                   University of Utrecht

Experience in:
-Hydraulics, sediment transport, sedimentation/erosion,
-Physical modelling (scale models),
-Mathematical modelling (mathematical models),
-Measuring instruments for sediment transport,
-Management of research projects in Europe,
-Management of engineering projects all over the world.

Alfa Romeo Spider 1993
Corniche Crabber  1976
Leo van Rijn is president of the elite INTERNATIONAL SEDIMENT CLUB (ISC).
Members by invitation only; solve the   SEDIMENT PUZZLE