LVRS-CONSULTANCY can set up a (Dutch) team of top experts for Projects involving various disciplines.

The network of experts are from:

1. DELTARES (; an independant institute for applied research on water, sediments and soils using both physical models and numerial models (world famous DELFT3D-model system).

2. WIERTSEMA SOILS (; consultancy experts in geotechnical and groundwater studies based on field and laboratory work.

3. WATERPROOFBV (; marine consultancy services specialised in numerical modelling using DELFT3D-model system and SWAN-model system in combination with field measuring work.

The basic philosophy is:

1. Analyse the physical system based on field data
2. Estimate the morphological effects of engineering works based on simple engineering tools
3. Use detailed mathematical and or physical scale models for fine-tuning and determination of uncertainties